One thing I did notice while looking for sticker flakes in Japan was that some of the kawaii companies were trying out different ways of selling them. Some were in cute plastic containers, some were in packets with a whole bunch of other things and some were in cute little boxes. They all looked very cute, but unfortunately, the new packaging meant the prices were higher or there were less stickers.

These are some cute little sticker flakes boxes from Pool Cool:

Pool Cool Sticker Flakes

I like these sets as they still come with a single big sticker flake, but there are only five designs of the small stickers flakes in each set.

These sticker flakes boxes are from Q-lia:

Q-lia Sticker Flakes

Unfortunately, these were much more expensive as they each came with a hair scrunchie. I really didn’t want the scrunchies (my niece will probably end up with them), but the stickers were too cute!


It’s been a crazy couple of days here. Our whole front yard was ripped up today to make way for a new driveway. We’ve been waiting since March for the tradespeople to be ready to do the job and they showed up out of the blue on Saturday morning to start. It caught us by surprise. We didn’t even get a phone call the day before but I’m so glad it is finally being done. Hopefully our garage will never flood again!

Anyway, on to cuter things. Here are a couple more sticker sacks I picked up in Japan:

1. Fairy Tale Sticker Sack

Fairy Tale Sticker Sack

I normally don’t buy a lot of fairy tale stuff (except red riding hood), but these were just too cute! I love the castle!

2. Supermarket Goods Sticker Sack

Supermarket Goods

I don’t really like the cup of noodles flake much, but I though the rest were cute and they remind me of some of the snack foods I was eating in Japan.

These were both a lucky find. They were tucked away in a corner of a very busy candy store. I had to navigate quite a lot of kids to get to them. 🙂 I hope you like them!


I’ve spent most of today organising my sticker flakes collection. It was a mess! I wanted to put everything in its place before adding my new goodies from Japan. It’s been a nice way to relax. 🙂

And now I have some more sticker sacks pictures to share with you. The easiest brand to find in Tokyo was Mind Wave, although mostly, they were not in stationery stores. Actually, I found most of them in electronics stores (go figure!). Anyway, here they are:

1. Favourite Embroideries

Favourite Embroideries Sticker Sack

I love the stitched look…and the squirrel and bunny rabbit (you can’t see it in the picture) are so cute!

2. Favourite Collages 1

Favourite Collages Sticker Sack

3. Favourite Collages 2

Favourite Collages Sticker Sack

I particularly love the ones in this set that look like postage stamps.

4. Favourite Clovers

Favourite Clovers Sticker Sack

Who doesn’t like clovers? 🙂

5. Favourite Bears

Favourite Bears Sticker Sack

6. Favourite Laces

Favourite Laces Sticker Sack

7. Favourite Motifs

Favourite Motifs Sticker Sack

8. Favourite Animals

Favourite Animals Sticker Sack

The dog and the panda are just too cute!

9. Favourite Photographs

Favourite Photographs Sticker Sack

I think that’s probably enough photos for today. There’s more coming tomorrow. 🙂


I discovered Gakken Sta-Ful sticker sacks a little while ago on etsy. They are so pretty, especially the ones made from washi paper. They are very hard to find so I was very happy when I found a handful of them in a store in Tokyo. Unfortunately, there weren’t very many, but I was able to purchase these designs:

1. Washi Birds Sticker Flakes

Washi Sticker Flakes

This was the first sack I found and my favourite. The flakes are made from washi paper and have gold accents.

2. Washi Clover Sticker Flakes

Washi Sticker Flakes

3. Washi Music Sticker Flakes

Washi Sticker Flakes

I particularly like the piano ones. 🙂

4. Clear Girl Sticker Flakes

Clear Girl Sticker Flakes

This set isn’t made from washi paper. Instead, the flakes are made from a clear plastic and also accented with gold.

5. Flowers & Butterflies Sticker Flakes

Flowers & Butterflies Sticker Flakes

This brand is certainly one of the most expensive I have come across (the retail price is more than double the price of most sacks) but they are gorgeous. Hopefully I can find some more in the future. If you ever see any for sale, please let me know. 🙂


My hubby was very generous this Christmas and showered me with lots of adorable kawaii Christmas presents. I’ll try to share them with you all, starting with one of my favourites – a sticker sack full of adorable animal puffy stickers:

Fuwawan Sticker Sack

Fuwawan Sticker Sack

This sack features 12 different kawaii animals. It’s so hard to decide on my favourite, but I think it has to be the deer.

Fuwawan Sticker Sack 2

I can't choose the cutest!

Or maybe the bear eating honey?

Fuwawan Sticker Sack 3


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