One thing I did notice while looking for sticker flakes in Japan was that some of the kawaii companies were trying out different ways of selling them. Some were in cute plastic containers, some were in packets with a whole bunch of other things and some were in cute little boxes. They all looked very cute, but unfortunately, the new packaging meant the prices were higher or there were less stickers.

These are some cute little sticker flakes boxes from Pool Cool:

Pool Cool Sticker Flakes

I like these sets as they still come with a single big sticker flake, but there are only five designs of the small stickers flakes in each set.

These sticker flakes boxes are from Q-lia:

Q-lia Sticker Flakes

Unfortunately, these were much more expensive as they each came with a hair scrunchie. I really didn’t want the scrunchies (my niece will probably end up with them), but the stickers were too cute!


One of the sticker sheets my hubby chose for me for Christmas was this adorable sheet of Sweet Time puffy stickers from Pool Cool:

Pool Cool Sweet Time Stickers

Pool Cool Sweet Time Stickers

Sweet Time Stickers Closeup

I love the little houses. :)

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