I discovered Gakken Sta-Ful sticker sacks a little while ago on etsy. They are so pretty, especially the ones made from washi paper. They are very hard to find so I was very happy when I found a handful of them in a store in Tokyo. Unfortunately, there weren’t very many, but I was able to purchase these designs:

1. Washi Birds Sticker Flakes

Washi Sticker Flakes

This was the first sack I found and my favourite. The flakes are made from washi paper and have gold accents.

2. Washi Clover Sticker Flakes

Washi Sticker Flakes

3. Washi Music Sticker Flakes

Washi Sticker Flakes

I particularly like the piano ones. 🙂

4. Clear Girl Sticker Flakes

Clear Girl Sticker Flakes

This set isn’t made from washi paper. Instead, the flakes are made from a clear plastic and also accented with gold.

5. Flowers & Butterflies Sticker Flakes

Flowers & Butterflies Sticker Flakes

This brand is certainly one of the most expensive I have come across (the retail price is more than double the price of most sacks) but they are gorgeous. Hopefully I can find some more in the future. If you ever see any for sale, please let me know. 🙂

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  1. These are beautiful!

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