It’s been a crazy couple of days here. Our whole front yard was ripped up today to make way for a new driveway. We’ve been waiting since March for the tradespeople to be ready to do the job and they showed up out of the blue on Saturday morning to start. It caught us by surprise. We didn’t even get a phone call the day before but I’m so glad it is finally being done. Hopefully our garage will never flood again!

Anyway, on to cuter things. Here are a couple more sticker sacks I picked up in Japan:

1. Fairy Tale Sticker Sack

Fairy Tale Sticker Sack

I normally don’t buy a lot of fairy tale stuff (except red riding hood), but these were just too cute! I love the castle!

2. Supermarket Goods Sticker Sack

Supermarket Goods

I don’t really like the cup of noodles flake much, but I though the rest were cute and they remind me of some of the snack foods I was eating in Japan.

These were both a lucky find. They were tucked away in a corner of a very busy candy store. I had to navigate quite a lot of kids to get to them. 🙂 I hope you like them!

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  1. Both of these are cute Jen!

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